Brick Rescue®


Sustainability | Energy | Heritage | Environment

The cause that drives us

Brick Rescue is an initiative of The Brick Pit to save irreplaceable, historic bricks from being treated as waste and crushed when pre-1950s brick structures are demolished.

Brick Rescue works with the general public and environmentally minded civil contractors, builders, councils and architects, to rescue historic bricks which are then upcycled at The Brick Pit for reuse in new projects.

We may not always be able to save the building, but we can save the bricks. Brick Rescue is the responsible recycling choice for sustainability, energy, heritage and the environment.

Brick Rescue needs you

Brick Rescue depends on you to be our eyes and ears. If you see a brick building that is going to be demolished, send us a Demo Alert with the address of the property and our team will work with you and the civil contractor to rescue the bricks for reuse.

Visit our website for more information on Brick Rescue

Irreplaceable, historic bricks rescued from a demolition site arrive at The Brick Pit where they will be upcycled - cleaned, sorted, graded and blended to the Brick Rescue quality standard - before being reused in new building projects. New life for old bricks!