Paperock LAYERED

Paperock LAYERED has the same properties as Paperock SOLID but it comprises of different coloured layers to create a bold finish.

Made from layer upon layer of paper (recycled or from sustainable sources) and bonded with phenolic resin and heat/pressure cured, Paperock is a remarkably strong composite building material.

Sourced and manufactured here in Australia by an Australian owned company.

Paperock’s non-porous surface provides a lifetime of stain resistance and it absorbs virtually no water.


Because of the layered colours, this incredibly strong composite building material is ideal for signage, privacy screens, cafe tables, commercial fit-outs and benchtops with a large edge profile.

Paperock is easily workable with CNC-routers to produce signs and other products with intricately detailed architectural components.

Paperock can be installed as full thickness countertops or, because of its superior strength, as thinner panels with a built-up edge.


Paperock LAYERED comes in a combination of two of our colours. Please contact us to see what we can offer.

As Paperock is made to order we can accommodate a variety of sizes. You can have Paperock manufactured in the following thicknesses: 32mm, 25mm, 18mm, 10mm, 6mm.

Our standard sheet sizes are as follows: 2440 x 1220mm sheets, or 2850 x 1220mm sheets.
Please ask us about alternative sheet sizes.