Fabscrap – Homogeneous Flooring

The beauty of imperfection

Our Fabscrap flooring turns unused left-over granules into a vibrant multi-coloured floor covering that offers striking design opportunities.

Premium homogeneous quality, phthalate-free and truly unique, as each batch of granules is different.

At Forbo Flooring Systems we aim to create better environments. We are conscious about the way we manufacture our floor coverings, reducing, recycling and reusing waste and rest material wherever we can.

Fabscrap is a homogeneous floor covering that is created by using the rest material of the Sphera production runs, creating a new colorful chip mix that is processed into a unique near zero-emission floor covering

The Fabscrap mix is a random combination of 7 to 8 bright colors from existing Sphera ranges. The colors in the mix vary per production run. Just choose the base shade and the colored mix on top is a bright surprise!

An exciting opportunity to have something really unique on your floor.

For more information, visit: www.forbo-flooring.com.au/fabscrap