Eply PanguaPureGlue

PanguaPureGlue is our formaldehyde-free plywood, manufactured from our own FSC certified plantation grown timber and utilising an innovative, non-toxic, soy bonding system. This bonding system replaces traditional urea formaldehyde and phenolic glues with award-winning soy based bonding technology, designed to eliminate any added urea formaldehyde from the plywood. Are you asthmatic? Suffer from allergies? Sensitive to chemicals?

Wall and ceiling lining, joinery and furniture made from PanguaPureGlue is the healthy and environmental solution for projects like hospitals, houses, schools, childcare centres and more.


Green Credentials

The environmental benefits of PanguaPureGlue begin in our own FSC certified plantations where sustainable harvesting assures the long-term health of the land; the harvesting of the wood is FSC certified – the mark of responsible forestry. PanguaPureGlue's revolutionary soy glue technology is certified to have formaldehyde emissions below 0.004 ppm (0.04 mg/L). The panels exceed AS/NZS E0, California Air Resource Board CARB 2 and Japanese Industry (JIS) F**** formaldehyde emission standards.