Cellulose – Natural Insulation

Cellulose – is a natural product. As the main component in plants and trees, it’s function is to stabilise the cell walls. Cellulose is the worlds most abundant organic compound. Without cellulose, trees wouldn’t exist. Without trees there wouldn’t be paper.

Isocell is a natural thermal insulation system consisting of cellulose fibres and air tight membranes, which is produced by recycling clean, segregated daily newspapers. After milling into a course fibre, mineral salts are added to create a fire and insect resistant natural insulation.


Wall Insulation

In Europe, cellulose insulation has been used for decades for the insulation timber stud framed walls, between rafters and floor joists. In addition to cost effectiveness and sound insulation values, the ability to adapt to irregular shaped voids is an advantage of cellulose.

Pitched Roof Insulation

In the case of pitched roofs, insulation is generally carried out from the inside. When renovating inhabited roof spaces, the insulation can also be introduced from the outside via the roof sheeting.

Attic Insulation

For unused roof spaces, the simple solution of open blowing the cellulose beneath a membrane is recommended. Tie-beam roofs and floors are also insulated the open blowing process.

A winter jacket for a house.