Renovation – Window Exchange

When these clients bought a little Victorian cottage as a home away from home, they realised that to make it comfortable, quiet and draft free, they needed to replace all the external windows and doors. Wanting to be true to the style of the build while also having high performance products, they came to Paarhammer.

The front and side windows were originally double hung and single glazed, the back ‘lean-to’ had been renovated with a new kitchen, and French doors opening to the garden were unfortunately also just single glazed.

Double-hung look-alike windows combine all the advantages of modern tilt and turn technology with the look of yesteryear. They offer high energy savings and increased security, and create a quiet oasis were noise stays outside and drafts no longer exist.

The new windows, reveals and trims were custom made and spray painted in the same colour as the old windows, so the exchange was easy and not noticeable from the street. New French doors to the garden feature double rebates and multi-point locking.

The new replacement front door is made in the heritage style to suit the building. Paarhammer entrance doors are rebated and come with their own framing, threshold and locking system. For this door, concealed hinges were used to allow for a narrower door jamb, therefore not reducing the actual door opening.

The clients are now absolutely delighted with their quiet, draft fee and energy efficient cottage!

Green Credentials

Paarhammer windows & doors are double or triple glazed for the highest energy efficiency, and all timber finishes are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). Deeply committed to a sustainable future, Paarhammer only uses AFS and PEFC timbers and we have been FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain-of-Custody certified since 2008. Our products are made in sustainable manufacturing facilities powered by the sun, with light, water, and waste management systems in use.